Beltaine Celebration - Saturday, May 3rd, Center for Spiritual Living, 2224 Yew Street Road, Bellingham

Incense Making Workshop - Tuesday, May 6th, 6-8pm – The Stone Moon, 1304 Cornwall Ave, Bellingham

You will learn how to create your own incense blends and then transform those blends into hand rolled cones, sticks or powder incense using all natural and safe materials. This workshop includes step-by-step directions with many helpful hints. You will make your very own cones or sticks during the class using a recipe – or not! Prepare to get your hands dirty! All materials are provided! $20

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2014 Wheel of the Year Celebration Dates

Imbolc – Feb 1st – by Lee and Betsy
Ostara – Mar 22nd – by Rachel
Beltane – May 3rd – by Giving
Litha – Jun 21st – by Ryan
Lammas – Aug 2nd – at the NWLF by Raven
Mabon – Sep 20th – Harvest Home by Elaine, Betsy, Giving & Raven
Samhain – Nov 1st – Witch’s Ball by Marcus, Gwen, and Willow
Yule – Dec 20th – by Hecate’s Circle

BIG THANKS to everyone who made the Wheel of the Year 2013 a big success: Ashley, Betsy, Brian, Chele, Elaine, Giving, Lee, Raven, Ryan, Thom, and everyone else who pitched in to get it done!


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