Welcome to Whatcom Pagans

Working together, Whatcom Pagans has been presenting public ritual events in Whatcom County for many years.

The community priorities are celebrating the Wheel of the Year, pagan style, honoring Goddess, God, Earth, and the cycles of the seasons through ritual and fellowship.  We have a newsletter that you can sign up for by emailing us.  We also have a lively Facebook group.

Our attitude is inclusive and welcoming of people who wish to get involved, and of course, families are welcome!

Anyone who can contribute energy to the common vision of celebrating the Wheel of the Year in a way that builds a stable, safe, loving community is welcome at all events.

Most events are held at the Center for Spiritual Living, 2224 Yew St. ROAD (on top of Yew St. Hill across from KISM radio).

There is a yearly weekend campout called Northwest Lammas Festival which is a family friendly event held on a land trust by the Nooksack River.

There are several smaller groups which associate with Whatcom Pagans and enrich the community by presenting some of the events in the Wheel of the Year.

—Blessed Be!

3D render of a spooky tree against a moon image