Volunteer! Make new friends!

We welcome help in all areas of community event planning and presentation. If you have a talent or special interest that you might like to share with the community….share it!

-Perhaps you enjoy writing ritual?

-Maybe you are especially good at coordinating details and people?

-How about lending your computer skills or maybe your forte’ is publicity?

-Would you enjoy participating in a special part of ritual like calling a quarter, etc.?

-Maybe you enjoy working in the kitchen or helping with physical tasks?

-If you love decorating and art then setting up a meaningful altar or ritual scene is for you?


Organizers always appreciate those who can come early to help stack chairs and put up tables, or maybe stay till the end to help cleanup the great hall, by re-stacking equipment, sweeping the floors, taking out the garbage and cleaning up the dishes?  There is special gratitude to people volunteering as kitchen witches! 

If supplies for ritual are requested by the facilitator of the event, maybe you have altar cloths, candles, tablecloths for the banquet, etc, which you would be willing to lend for the special event?

The opportunities are limitless… please contact us with your interest in participating and bringing your special blessings to enhance (y)our community!