Celebrate Yule / Winter Solstice at the CSL on Saturday, December 23, 2017

Join the community to Turn the Wheel, in celebration of the Winter Solstice and Yule! 

The usual:  Arrive at 4:30-5 pm – Ritual will begin 5:15.

  • Location: Center for Spiritual Living in Bellingham (on top of Yew St. Hill!  Note the ROAD part). 2224 Yew Street Rd, Bellingham, WA 98229 
  • Bring a donation for the CSL, or offer to help clean up, or both!
  • Bring your own dishes to alleviate use of disposables; there isn’t a big kitchen at the CSL.
  • Bring a FOOD BANK donation!
  • Dress as festively as you want to!
  • Kids are always welcome!

The specific info:

This ritual features a few different components, most of which have become beloved traditions in y/our community.
First, there is a walk along a Luminaria path to a cauldron fire where you will be offered a branch of Pacific Yew tied with ribbon. You take the ribbon and tie to the Yule tree, and cast the Yew into the cauldron, with all those qualities, emotions or memories you wish to discard. Then you tie your ribbon on the the Yule tree with wishes for those qualities, emotions or events you wish to bring in to your life. Special thanks to M & M for the cauldron, Yew and Yule tree!
Next, we have those feeling like Yang/male energy bring the tree in with a song, while those feeling like Yin/female energy sing and guide them to where the tree is “planted” in the circle!
We cast a circle as usual and invite in the Gods.
Then we embark on a mythical singing journey through the wheel of the year…. please note, those who can’t stand or move easily can sit! It all happens in the circle. We are blessed and happy to reach the Yule Sabbat at last. 
Then we bring the Sun to birth.
We close the circle and proceed to the feast!
Note: In years past parents who would like to, briought a wrapped gift for their children to open at a point of their choosing.  We don’t have anyone to organize this for this year, so do as you will in this area…